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Carleton students fight for sexual assault centre

Media Date: 17/11/2011
Type of Media: internet
Name of Media: Your Ottawa Region

Interviewer: Eddie Rwema

Interviewee: Julie S. Lalonde Role: Spokesperson for the Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre

Article Information

Background Carleton had a string of reported sexual assaults on their campus and so the Coalition decided to publicly denounce their continued denial of a sexual assault centre.
Reason Metroland was there to cover our protest.
Comment Although we didn't get a huge turnout, our impact was tremendous. We got lots of people honking their horns in support and there was a strong media presence.
Outcome Carleton continued to deny us a centre, but they were forced to respond and it put our work back in the public eye.
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Keywords: Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre, Carleton University