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'People are fed up': Ottawa activist discusses Royal Military College harassment

Media Date: 23/05/2015
Type of Media: newspaper
Name of Media: Ottawa Citizen

Interviewer: Matthew Pearson

Interviewee: Julie S. Lalonde Role: Public educator

Article Information

Background I gave a presentation to the Royal Military College in Kingston in October 2014 where I was disrespected, harassed and generally mistreated by officer cadets.
Reason My experience of being harassed at RMC came as a Toronto journalist spoke out against workplace sexual harassment and a local comedienne spoke out about being sexually harassed at a corporate gig.
Comment It's really great to see people connecting the dots and recognizing this isn't about one isolated incident or one woman with an axe to grind.
Outcome I can't help but laugh, though that the Citizen keeps using 2 year old photos of me. Me, my rage face and that yellow peacoat are a stock photo now, it seems.
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Keywords: RMC, sexual harassment, sexual violence, FHRITP, workplace sexual harassment