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Fleeing faster: New Ontario provision allows domestic and sexual abuse victims to break rentals early

Media Date: 14/09/2016
Type of Media: newspaper
Name of Media: CBC

Interviewer: Shanifa Nasser

Interviewee: Julie S. Lalonde Role: Manager,

Article Information

Background New legislation in Ontario.
Reason Ontario's new legislation regarding one's ability to break their lease if they're fleeing violence. I Tweeted about how this new change would have made a world of difference to me years ago and CBC picked up the story.
Comment I'm delighted that the media is talking about this new provision, because it had been passed for a full week before they picked up the story. The media is the #1 public educator on violence against women, so it's really important that news like this is shared.
Outcome More public awareness. Yay!
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Keywords: Ontario, violence against women,, tenants, lease, legislation, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, CBC