Speakers hope to empower others

Media Date: 14/05/2015
Type of Media: newspaper
Name of Media: Chatham Daily News

Interviewer: Trevor Terfloth

Interviewee: Julie S. Lalonde Role: Manager, Draw-the-line.ca

Article Information

Background I travel across the province, talking to people about bystander intervention, sexual violence and community accountability
Reason I was speaking at the Pathways to Prevention conference in Chatham-Kent, alongside Dr. Charlene Senn and Glenn Canning.
Comment Great to see the article focusing on some tangible ways people can make a difference.
Outcome Speaking alongside Rehtaeh Parsons' father is always difficult, but it's great to pay witness to the impact his work is having on people.
Link to Article http://www.chathamdailynews.ca/2015/05/14/speakers-hope-to-empower-others


Keywords: Draw-the-line.ca, public education, Chatham-Kent, sexual violence, prevention, online sexual violence, sexting.