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Drawing the line on sexting, online harassment

Media Date: 06/12/2012
Type of Media: newspaper
Name of Media: Perth EMC

Interviewer: Desmond Devoy

Interviewee: Julie S. Lalonde Role: Representative for

Article Information

Background The Lanark County Interval House was hosting the 'Where is the love?' conference.
Reason I did a presentation on and in particular, online sexual harassment and bystander intervention.
Comment Although I look like a manic street preacher in the included photo, it was great to see rural coverage of our work.
Outcome It increased the reach of and in particular, brought the message to rural residents.
Link to Article,+online+sexual+harassment,+Students+boo+buying+the+new+Chris+Brown+single+because+of+his+violent+past


Keywords:, online sexual harassment, bystander intervention