2K16: Good riddance

2K16 was such a garbage fire that it's taken me 10 whole days to muster the courage to revisit it.

Americans elected a racist/misogynist/ableist/classist Cheetos for President.

Jian Ghomeshi. Brock Turner. Derrick Gallagher. Robin Camp. 

Aleppo. Orlando. 

Every celebrity death. Fuck, so many deaths. 

On a personal level, I got an obscene amount of death threats. Including phone calls. So old school! I fought with people I thought were on my team. Peggy Atwood? Really, girl?! And don't even get me started on Jodie Emery. I'm with you on decriminalization! Why you gotta play me like that?! 

Ezra Levant and his minions called me a fascist. That was a thing in 2K16.

On the upside: I traveled to Cuba and NYC for kicks. I represented Canadians at an international gathering on street harassment at the gorrrrrrrrrrgeous Bellagio Center in Italy.

I trained over 3K people IRL on sexual violence prevention!

I did over 100 media interviews!

I traveled to 13 communities in Canada to spread the good word!

In fact, I traveled so goddamn often that an airline gave me Gold status. 

I turned a cancelled trip I'd saved up for into pretty shoes instead. (I actually bought 14 pairs of heels last year. IT WAS A ROUGH YEAR, OKAY. DON'T JUDGE ME.

I'm feeling utterly optimistic that 2K17 will be awesome. I literally have no reason to, other than my unbridled obsession with finding the positive in everything. It's one helluva survival strategy.

Here's to a revolutionary 2K17. Strap on your boots, pals. We got work to do.