Today, I am hopeless.

I'm so fucking discouraged.

If Hillary Rodham Clinton can't beat someone like Donald Trump, I have little faith we will ever truly dismantle misogyny in my lifetime.

If someone as qualified as Hillary Rodham Clinton can't be seen for the competent, intelligent leader that she is, I do not know how we will overcome misogyny in our lifetime.

If Donald Trump can gloat about assaulting womyn and his wife can go on television and say that she has two sons; one of which is a 10 year old boy she gave birth to and the other is her 70 year old husband, then I have lost faith that we will overcome misogyny in our lifetime.

If 52% of American white womyn voters cast a vote for Donald Trump, I do not know how we will undo internalized misogyny in our lifetime.

If the same people who stood up and said they condemned Donald Trump's sexual assaults on womyn because they had daughters and wives, still went ahead and paved the way for his Presidency, I do not know how we will dismantle misogyny in our lifetime.

If Black womyn went to the polls in droves to support Black men, white womyn, Latinx, Muslims and everyone else by voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton, but hordes of white people made Donald Trump President, I do not know how we will dismantle misogynoir in our lifetime.

If rural and suburban people voted for someone who prides himself on evading taxes, being an elite, and not paying his workers, I do not have faith that there is a United state of Americas.

Donald Trump sexually assaulted pretty, young white womyn and Americans still came out to make him President.

I have no hope today and I do not want to hear your Hallmark-card platitudes.

Not today.

Today, I have no hope. 


Help Americans hold ground and break ground.