How I will live my life once we've ended rape culture

“But if rape culture was dismantled, you’d be out of a job, no?” He said slyly with a clear “AHA!” twinkle in his eye. You know, that moment where someone thinks they’ve painted you into a corner and now have to confess to all your wrongdoings. Those moments where you’re locked in a battle with someone who is in no way invested in the answer but just wants to walk away feeling like they “gotcha”.

A variation of this happens to me fairly often, both off and online.

It’s born from the idea that because I am paid to be a public educator against sexual violence, I am invested in the upholding of rape culture. If you’re into capitalism, I suppose it’s an easy conclusion to draw.

But it has clearly never occurred to people that I loathe most parts of my job. Doing prevention work with receptive audiences? I’ll happily do that all day every day. But the other 95% of my day job? Eff that.

Supporting womyn who have been incredibly traumatized? Hate it.

Making the same statements over and over and over again and being heard less than 50% of the time? Hate it.

Working 70 hours a week and getting paid an absurdly low wage for 40 hours of that work? Hate it.

Because MRAs, anti-feminists and general smartasses think they’ve got this in the bag, here it is:

What I Will Do Once We Dismantle Rape Culture

1-     Finally master playing the accordion.

2-     Finally take that automotive body work course. (I love doing body work on old cars!)

3-     Make more art.

4-     Actually do yoga.

5-     Finally take up running (Because I only like running at night).

6-     Write and publish fiction.

7-     Go on a solo road trip across the country.

8-     Attend more car shows.

9-     Attend a co-ed gym.

10-  Exercise my Ontario-resident right to go out in public topless. (Goodbye tan lines!)

Because once I’m no longer having to work in this sector, I will not only have the capacity to get paid for other skills I have, I will also be able to live completely differently.

I won’t have to worry about street harassment ruining my day or live with the threat of rape hanging over my head.

All you Smart Alecks who think I’m being facetious when I say “I’m working myself out of a job”? Eat it.